Monday, May 14, 2007

Sketches from Rome

We just got back from our trip to London, Paris, and Rome, and it was fantastic! I was able to sketch from some of my favorite sculptures in Rome, and here they are (the sketches, that is...). The first one is from the Fountain of Neptune at Piazza Navona; the second is from the fountain in Piazza Barberini; the third is the central figure in the Trevi Fountain; and the last is my absolute favorite sculpture in the whole world, Bernini's David. It was such a thrill not only to be able to see Bernini's magnificent sculptures in the Galeria Borghese, but to be able to sketch in person my all-time favorite work of art was a dream come true! It was an enlightening experience for both me and my wife, and one we will never forget. We'll try to get some pictures of our trip up on a blog of our own soon.


Artist_Grass- said...

These are sweet!

Unknown said...

dude nice sketches man. love the guy with the spear. good job.

meg dinnell said...



Hey man, thanks for the note! I'm glad to have discovered your blog here as well, it's really one of the most pro blogs I've seen lately.

p.s. I don't know if I mentioned it in class, but if you want to check out a more unchecked sketch/blog, I've been doing a daily-drawing consecutively for four hundred-something days now over at
it's hit and miss, but felt obliged to mention it since it's more the "real" unfiltered version of the blogger one.
Hope things are going well, looking forward to seeing your new Perseus stuff!