Thursday, October 04, 2007

Carl's Final Stages and Completion!

Here are Tak (red hair), Jacob (beard), and I (white shirt) working on the landscaping of Carl's base. We had to work outside, as the foam particles would have made a mess of the rug. We also used a highly toxic and stinky resin to coat and seal the foam base.

Here he is after we've finished the terrain-building and minor landscaping elements. Carl slept outside for a few days before the stink wore off (at the request/orders of my odor-sensitive pregnant wife).

Here was the first picture of the fog test. I bought a whole bunch of dry ice, found out that the base was waterproof and worked fine, then spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the leftover dry ice.

Here's the finished Carl with painted background and display! Keeping the dry ice going for the class presentation was a bit of a challenge, because the water to which one adds the dry ice should be warm but tends to cool and even freeze upon the addition of the dry ice. I had to keep sucking up the cold water with a syringe to add more warm water. Fortunately, Jacob and Tak helped out as Carl wranglers for the final presentation.

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Tom Zhao said...

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to thank you for posting these step-by-steps of making "Carl". I'm in Rey's class right now and seeing how you put your project together has really helped me with my own diorama!