Thursday, February 07, 2008

LA Arboretum Sketches

These are some observational sketches from the LA Arboretum. We went with the assignment to observe and document plants and animals from nature and then to redesign our own organisms based on our research. I was amazed by how strange and bizarre actual flora and fauna can be. Not so much the goose, but there are some weird plants out there.

For our redesign, we were assigned the topic of "A Children's Fantasy Garden." A lot of the plants we saw at the arboretum are kind of scary, with all sorts of spiky things protruding at eye level. So I just pushed that vague threat a little further into a more overt and even aggressive nature.


jk said...

nice drawings....i like your take on the redesigns haha, children's nightmare?

Paul Hamblin said...

I like the Va-jay-jay plant

Tim Coleman said...

You got to post your T-rex! This stuff is really great, much harder than it looks. Thanks for the tips!