Monday, July 05, 2010

New Blog

Hey, everyone, as you may have noticed, I haven't posted any work on here for a while. I'm very fortunate to have been rather busy of the last few months, and while I'm doing a lot of work, I'm prevented by NDA's from showing it just yet. To be able to do work that I can show and continually add to my portfolio, I've made it a goal to participate in more online forum challenges and activities. There are so many of them out there, and I've been making an effort to catalog them for my own convenience. In so doing, though, I realized that such a catalog might be a useful resource for others, so I've decided to create a blog dedicated to gathering information about various online forum challenges. You can find it at this link.

My goal with that new blog is to make it easier to sort through the many challenges available online. I'm sure my listing isn't 100% comprehensive, and I welcome any other suggestions or links you may have. I'm also in the process of designing the blog to be a little less boring looking, but I figured I'd just go ahead and get it out there. I'd love to get your feedback, so head on over there and see what you think and let me know what you think might make it more helpful.


1 comment:

Jean said...

Yay new blog! I think it would be more helpful if it included free cupcakes that you can somehow pull directly out of your monitor. :-)